Dear Supporters of 5280 Artist Co-Op

We had a tremendous run, 6 years, 3 Henry Award nominations, 1 win.

We have proudly produced Poetry, Music and Theatrical performances that have thrilled our audiences and fulfilled our mission of bringing artists together from all disciplines to produce great art that touches the heart of the community.

The curtain is lowered as fond memories of the people we have met, the work we have produced and the love from you that will live in our hearts forever.

Look for Adrienne Martin-Fullwood in commercials and new theatrical productions.  

Kenya Fashaw  has been featured in a TedX talk and continues to create great content.  Look for one of her new plays soon.

Stephanie Hancock is running for office to serve our community.

Thank you to all of you who have attended House of Poetry, The Music Lab and 1 Night 6 Plays.  Your support meant so much!

Please continue to support Art wherever you find it and know our story isn't over, it’s just entering another chapter.

Blessings & Peace

Adrienne, Kenya and Stephanie